Apply for a visa

  • We provide a wide range of Visa services aimed at enhancing customer experience with an automated and seamless process.
  • We employ highly trained and dedicated staff across all our branches and continually invest in our people and operational efficiency.
  • Our staff are well versed with documentary requirements & specifications and timelines.
  • Our direct connect with various consulates, Embassies and High commissions means we are always up-to date with ever-changing Visa requirements
  • Multiple levels of screening and quality checks by our agents ensure error free applications, increasing the chances of approval
  • We represent Singapore Embassy and we have an agreement with the French Visa Application Center (CAPAGO) for ease of application creation and submission
  • Communication and transparency throughout the application cycle are the cornerstones of our process

*Regency Visa Services does not play any part in the decision-making process behind visa applications being granted or denied.