al asmakh Regency Travel & Tours


President of Regency Group Holding

Regency travel & Tours take great pride in being Qatar's foremost and largest travel leadership position that we are honored to have achieved.

Foe more that 30 years, our team of committed and highly-skilled travel professionals have provided leisure and business travelers across our region and worldwide with the very best in travel experiences.

As we have grown in size and in the scope and choice of travel services we provide through our strong partnerships with top travel sector providers, our focus on excellence across every aspect of our services and operations has led to RTT's extraordinary level of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

It has been my personal vision and commitment to develop an outstanding travel service provider that met our local and regional market's needs, backed by the shared support and strengths provided by our wider group, Regency Group Holding.

We sincerely thank our loyal and valued customers for their ongoing support and look forward to taking you around the region and world in years ahead.